About FutureWorks BI National Data


FutureWorks BI-National delivers access to the national public PIRL data set made available by the US Department of Labor. This data set is processed into FutureWorks BI's Data Warehouse and surfaced through a proprietary, subscription-based Website,  FutureWorks BI-National.  The data set covers a rolling four-quarter period and includes data for WIOA Title I and Title III activities. Data is refreshed each quarter upon release of the public quarterly PIRL file by the US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. 

FutureWorks BI-National allows for detailed data exploration, analytics, and reporting with access to over 200 data elements that support calculated outcomes and participant flow. 

FutureWorks BI-National allows for benchmark comparisons to every state and Local Workforce Development Board in the country. Users can analyze results by almost every characteristic and service captured in the PIRL record. The data includes participants currently enrolled and exited from WIOA. 

Access to FutureWorks BI-National is included in State/Local Workforce Development Board FutureWorks BI applications and is also available as an individual subscription