Instant insight into national WIOA data

Explore the public national WIOA PIRL data file using  FutureWorks BI's powerful data exploration and reporting features allowing you to extract data insights from over 24 million* WIOA participant records. 

Drill down to the state, region, Local Workforce Development Board, and Eligible Training Provider levels, to analyze and report  characteristics, activities, and outcomes. 

A FutureWorks Bi National subscription is perfect for State Workforce Development Boards, State Workforce Associations, Eligible Training Providers, Local Workforce Development Boards, Workforce Development Consultants, National Workforce Development Associations or anyone with an interest in the success of WIOA programs.

*Estimated from PY 2020 Q4 public PIRL data file available from US Department of Labor

Go beyond performance reports

With FutureWorks BI National you have a Business Intelligence application to explore WIOA program data far beyond the required Federal WIOA outcome measures. FutureWork BI National includes a wide variety of additional metrics, such as Percent Training Related Employment, Priority of Service Rate, Training Completion Rate, Earnings Change, Percent Co-enrolled and Average Wage for each quarter after program exit. In addition, FutureWorks BI includes custom data elements to further expand the analysis potential of the WIOA PIRL.

With over 200 PIRL data elements a mouse click away, you have what you need for deep data exploration without writing any query or a single line of code.

Hello, Self-Service BI.

Why not try it out?

Our WIOA Dashboard site uses FutureWorks BI National and is a great way to get a taste of what FutureWorks BI National can deliver.

State & Local Workforce Development Boards

Benchmark performance and activity within state, by regions within a state and with other states; identify and share best practices, create and share dashboards focused on state or local policies and priorities, track sector strategies by pre and post NAICs codes and ONET Training results.

State Workforce Associations

Identify and share promising practices with member organizations, provide data-driven technical assistance and training, build communities of practice on topics such as youth programs, work-based training, and advocate for the public workforce system by sharing outcomes and results.

Training, Job Center & Youth Providers

Benchmark with other providers, inform proposals, and design strategies based on actual data. Easily explore activities and outcomes for over 15,000 eligible training providers, including completion rates and credentials earned. 

Researchers and Consultants

Instant access to over 20 million participant records for detailed analysis to gain insight into the Workforce System under WIOA. Explore data on your terms and export what you need when you need it.  

National Subscription

Current National WIOA Data Status

Program Year 2020 Quarter 4 is the most current national public WIOA data available from USDOL. This represents a complete Program Year 2020 reporting period from 7/1/2020-6/30/2021. Ten quarters of participant data available for analysis.

Data Refresh Scheduled for Release on May 23, 2022. Data to include reporting period from Program Year 2020 Q3 to Program Year 2021 Q2 (1/1/2021-12/31/2021). Program Year 2020 data will remain available.

Let's Visualize

Below are some data visualizations built using FutureWorks BI National. What questions will your visualizations answer?

National Subscribers