Astoundingly easy. Surprisingly powerful.

FutureWorks Bi is a comprehensive, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Business Intelligence application service specifically designed and developed for the Workforce Development System. FutureWorks Bi makes WIOA performance data easy to access and explore.

Business Intelligence Service for Workforce Development

FutureWorks Bi is not just a powerful tool for data exploration and reporting, it is a complete BI service so you can focus on what is important.

You provide the raw data, and we take care of the rest. From data warehousing to application delivery, and everything in between, FutureWorks Bi is all in the cloud and designed to make your life easier. 

Built for everyone

We believe everyone should be able to gain insight and understanding from data. FutureWorks Bi is built for ease of use by anyone with any level of technical know-how. 

  • No coding 
  • No query building

Our user community spans a diverse range of workforce professionals, including Executive Directors, Analysts, MIS, Performance Monitors, Case Managers, and Board Members. Anyone can make data discoveries. And they all provide feedback to inform the ongoing design and development of FutureWorks Bi.  

Video: How does FutureWorks Bi help Workforce Development Boards?

WIOA performance data exploration, analytics and reporting in the fast lane

The ability to quickly respond to requests for performance information from stakeholders is very important.  FutureWorks Bi makes it fast and easy. But we take reporting to a whole new level by allowing you to freely explore your program data and discover information that can color the performance stories you tell. We call it fluid analysis and it makes data exploration fun.

Include the data you need

FutureWorks Bi can leverage data you capture in your case management system beyond the data elements contained in the WIOA PIRL. Your custom defined metrics can also be included. The options to expand the data in your unique FutureWorks Bi application service opens you up to richer analysis. Why not get the most from the data you collect?

Go beyond performance reports

With FutureWorks Bi you have a Business Intelligence application to explore WIOA program data far beyond the required Federal WIOA outcome measures. FutureWorks Bi includes a wide variety of additional metrics, such as Percent Training Related Employment, Priority of Service Rate, Training Completion Rate, Earnings Change, Percent Co-enrolled and Average Wage for each quarter after program exit. In addition, FutureWorks Bi includes custom data elements to further expand the analysis potential of the WIOA PIRL.

With over 200 PIRL data elements just a mouse click away, you have what you need for deep data exploration without writing any query or code.

Create your own WIOA Dashboards

With FutureWorks Bi you have what you need to create dashboards to help you communicate data stories to stakeholders. With the dynamic nature of FutureWorks Bi you can quickly build the data visualizations you need, capture, and export them for publication to other sources. In addition, with access to the FutureWorks’ team of experts, building an all-in-one interactive dashboard to tell your data stories is possible. Custom created interactive dashboards become part of your FutureWorks Bi application service and they can be accessible to anyone you wish.

Share your data discoveries.

Everyone loves to share discoveries. FutureWorks Bi makes sharing your data discoveries with anyone easy.  

  • Export data to Excel, PDF, PowerPoint
  • Share data views with other users

From insight to action

You've explored your data, made discoveries, and shared them with your team, now what? FutureWorks Bi allows your data exploration to go down to the actual records behind your data discoveries. have the information you need to take action. This granular depth allows you to convert your insights into customer follow-up actions that can impact your outcomes. 

Use FutureWorks Bi Rosters to identify the participant records behind each performance indicator. Leverage the Predictive Rosters to see predicted outcomes for upcoming reporting quarters and see the participant records behind the calculations. Rosters are a huge help for directing follow-up activities that can positively impact performance outcomes.

The right BI service ingredients.

Powerful Business Intelligence Application

  • Cloud based
  • Data warehousing services to application hosting
  • All complex technical challenges removed

Expert Technical Assistance Services

  • Comprehensive support - phone, email, chat
  • Active user engagement with regular topical training events
  • Subject matter expertise and resources

Diverse User Community

  • Actively provide feedback
  • Share custom data explorations and reports
  • Inform application design and development

Let's visualize.

See data the way you want to see it.

Visualizing data can fast-track your ability to extract information. FutureWorks Bi includes powerful data visualization capabilities so you can leverage the right visuals to highlight your discoveries and help you effectively communicate them to others.  

FutureWorks Bi Subscription

What is included in an annual subscription?
  • Unique, cloud-based FutureWorks Bi application for statewide or Local Workforce Development Board implementation
  • Monthly data processing of PIRL+ data extracts from case management system feeds
  • Data warehouse services, including data validation with FutureWorks Verify
  • Application support for state and Workforce Development Board performance goals
  • Application support for the inclusion of supplemental data and state specific performance indicators
  • Access to featured thematic data views where FutureWorks experts bring data discoveries to the user community
  • Maintenance and support of historical program year data
  • Ongoing application upgrades, updates, and enhancements
  • Ongoing expert technical assistance - Web-based and on-site training; email, phone and live chat support
  • Access to FWS Academy providing WIOA performance and FutureWorks Bi resources - training webinars, videos and knowledgebase
  • Access to Predictive Rosters Web application for performance indicator auditing and case management support. Predictive Rosters is a powerful tool for forecasting performance into future report periods and provide access to all the information you need to direct follow-up activities
  • Access to National WIOA data for analysis of USDOL national Title I and Title III data
  • On demand technical assistance webinars, such as FutureWorks Quarterly Performance Reviews
  • Technical assistance support for customizing dashboards to meet specific end-user requirements
  • Option to add future application modules (additional modules may require additional setup and subscription fees)

How do we help Workforce Development Boards?