Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Resources

WIA Data Specifications

New WIASRD Specification released by USDOL, 5/12/2014 - includes highlights made by FutureWork Systems of most recent specification changes

WIASRD Specification


Annual Report: Wage Record Interchange System, Confidentiality Reviews, May 2011 (FutureWork Systems mentioned on page 25 of this report)

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Dashboards

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Performance and Results Dashboards
Explore the latest national WIA quarterly data and explore WIA success stories down to the WIB level. This public site puts WIA performance and results in the hands of anyone.

NAWB LMI Data & Trends - NAWB partners with several high performing organizations that specialize in real-time information to help our members make informed decisions and invest funding wisely.

WIA & Common Measures Performance Measures Definitions & Resources

WIA & Common Performance Measures Definitions

Exit/Activity Cohorts for WIA & Common Performance Measures (PY 2013-2015) (HTML)

All WIA & Common Measures Resources (DOL)

Are You Literate on the Lit/Num Common Measure?
(USDOL/ETA Desk Aide)


Improving Literacy and Numeracy Gains of Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth Program Participants

TEN 19-10 Guide to State and Local Workforce Data: For Analysis and Informed Decision Making

Data Source Grid : Guide to State and Local Workforce Data: For Analysis and Informed Decision Making

Catalogue of Workforce Information Services: Decision Making Assistance for Workforce and Economic Development

TEGL 17-05 Change 2: May 20, 2009. Clarification of Literacy/Numeracy Measure

TEGL 24-08: Workforce Investment Act and Wagner-Peyser Act Performance Accountability Reporting for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

TEGL 24-08 Clarifications (June 2009)

Common Measures Resources

Common Measures White Paper & TEGL 17-05
Common Measures At-A-Glance

Articles, Papers and Other Resources

Making a Difference: Mine WIA Quarterly Data - Improve Your WIA Programs

Measuring Up - Defining Success with ARRA Resources

Managing State and Local Performance with Decision Support Systems (Dallas, DOL Regional Common Measures Presentation, FutureWorks, 2006)

Performance Management in Federal Employment and Training Programs (Carolyn J. Heinrich, Associate Professor of Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin–Madison)

Workforce Intelligence: Applying Decision Support Systems to Workforce Programs

Focused Futures: Online Training for WIA Youth Program Design, Implementation and Procurement

California One-Stop System Cost Study Report: 10/18/2007

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Oh yeah! WIOA data views are popping up in Performance Matters

We're not quite receiving the new WIOA PIRL file from our Performance Matters clients, but we are ready for it!

Regardless, the data we do receive under WIA's WIASRD file is enough to provide us with what we need to calculate the lionshare of WIOA indicators. Clients should expect to see WIOA specific data views appear on their Performance Matters site as early as July, along with announcements for special Webinar sessions to introduce them.

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WIOA Dashboard site launched

We may be jumping the gun, but we already converted our WIA dashboard site to a WIOA dashboard site. We really couldn't wait to freshen up the look and feel and prepare for some mobile-friendly dashboards. Hurray!

Dashboards currently report the most current USDOL quarterly WIA data, so we aren't quite at WIOA yet...but we'll be ready when the data is! Check out the new site and don't forget to sign up to be notified when dashboards are updated with new data.

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