I cannot begin to emphasize the importance and dependency we have come to place on our FutureWork System product, known to us as MoPerforms, as a  reporting and decision making tool. We really use this product and find new uses for it all the time. If you can imagine already having your queries built, calculated, and sitting there waiting for you to just click on them and then to be able to manipulate that query in infinite possibilities and feel confident in the results, then you need to talk to FutureWork Systems.

 I was not involved in the initial setup process but came aboard shortly after rollout of MoPerform and have been a user for almost 4 years.  I have been involved in several additions since then and the implementation of a major new program. The FutureWork team made it almost painless.  They are dedicated to their client’s needs and it shows with the quick responses to questions, concerns, technical support, and enhancements. They stay updated on current issues and never hesitate to forward new or updated federal guidelines, or articles that may be of interest. I sound like a commercial and could go on but way too much to post. I’ll end by saying; I truly appreciate the detail they put into their product to make our decisions and the ability to get to the information needed for those decisions a whole lot simpler!

Brenda Ancell
JobStat Analyst
Division of Workforce Development