What can I say about Future Work Systems that does not sound trite?

The Ozark Region Workforce Investment Board (WIB) spends much less time reviewing performance and numbers than in the past.  This is not to say that the WIB is not interested in the performance numbers but that reporting capabilities of Future Works System allows the WIB to review performance in a timely and meaningful way that is consistent throughout the 14 Regions of the State of Missouri.   All data is based on WIASRD data submitted to DOL.

At each meeting the WIB is provided the Missouri’s Dashboard, special report developed for the State of Missouri, which shows the entire State performance (common Measures) as well as each Region.  The WIB can easily compare our Region to other Regions using the Green and Red Report.  These reports are for WIA, Wagner-Peyser and any person involved with the enrollment in services with the Career Center

The Ozark Region uses other aspects of the System with regards to monthly and annual reports provided to management staff and the WIB comparing service areas (Core, Intensive & Training) and service level measures.  How do “Common Measure” relate to each other and what are the outcomes of participants in Core, Intensive and Training services.  Reports are generated for  Performance, Cost Allocation, National Career Readiness Certificate, EEOC, participants certifications obtained, customer flow, flow growth to name a few.  Report capacities seem endless as well as system capabilities and are second to none.  Reports can be produced via participants’ zip code, region, or office.

Future Work Systems is a valuable tool and a tool is only as good as the support it receives.  Future Work Systems support is exemplary.  Even during Hurricane Sandy the system remained (for the most part) operational.  Future Works Support Staff are willing to help and work with each user on an individual basis to address and solve problems local staff may be having or questions that come up.

Patrick E. Planer, Program Compliance Coordinator, Ozark Region
2900 E Sunshine Springfield, MO 65804
417-887-4343 office; 417-841-3372 direct line