PM RoadMap Helps Jump Start WIOA Performance Discussions

Understanding WIOA performance data can be difficult. The logic behind indicator calculations can bring even the most seasoned analysts and "WIOA performance experts" back to a TEGL to confirm just who should be included in a denominator. And when it comes to moving from a performance question, such as How did we do on our Employment Quarter 2 performance indicator for Title I adults who are low income and receive training this program year?, quickly and easily accessing the data can be a challenge for anyone, especially the non-technical among us.

FutureWork's Performance Matters BI application service for reporting, tracking and analyzing WIOA performance data is designed to make WIOA performance data as accessible as possible for a very diverse set of people who need to leverage that data to drive program and policy decisions. The application service has always been designed to give the right tools and support so that performance data access can be as simple as possible, including to help people easily move from performance questions to answers within the data to speed understanding.

The RoadMap feature in FutureWork's Performance Matters BI application service is a feature that connects performance questions direct to data views or reports where users are provided the answer. The RoadMap is divided into Executive and Analyst paths.

"The RoadMap is a must have, helping users connect the dots between questions and data making it easier for them to understand the data," says Geoff Smith, Partner and VP of FutureWork Systems. "The most difficult thing for many users is coming up with questions they'd like to get answered from their data. The RoadMap can help shortcut that process for them, giving them a couple of predefined paths, really jump-starting the process of exploring data. It exposes them to approaching data from a real-English start point instead of jumping blindly into data or a report."

"It's another way to navigate to the data within the Performance Matters application service, " says Justin Ryan, Partner and IT Director at FutureWork Systems. "Most users need that kind of support to get them started, but over time, they make a shift where they are bringing questions to the application and working with the data to answer them. It's great to see and we're pleased that The RoadMap is a helpful learning tool."

The company has received very positive feedback from users. The RoadMap is a popular feature, especially for new users being oriented to the Performance Matters BI application. The RoadMap includes functionality for users to submit their own questions for consideration to be included in The RoadMap.