PM National Launched

FutureWork Systems is proud to announce the launch of its PM National BI application service for conducting detailed reporting and analytics of public USDOL national WIOA data. Over 11 million participant records are available in the most current data set, allowing for PM National BI application to drill into Title I and III performance across participant characteristics and services, including digging much deeper by slicing and dicing by data elements, such as NAICS pre and post participation, ONET code pre and post participation, and Eligible Training Provider.

"The amount of data available is amazing and richer than under WIA," says Ryan Anderson, BI Development Team Leader at FutureWorks. "Diving up to 300 levels into NAICS codes both pre and post participation can provide valuable insight that can inform sector strategies, a critical part of WIOA. Slicing and dicing performance data by major Eligible Training Providers across the nation is truly something new and exciting."

Current data loaded to PM National covers WIOA program performance for a rolling four quarters ending program year 2017, quarter 3 or March 31, 2018. USDOL publicly releases quarterly updates of WIOA data and FutureWork Systems downloads these data files, processes them into its data warehouse and connects them to the PM National BI application framework. Users simply login to a secured website and with single click access can see rich details of data that can answer many performance questions.

When all four quarters of a Program Year are available, FutureWork's freezes that data, storing it for historical access. PM National users can have to up to 3 program years of WIOA Title I and III national data.

Users can easily benchmark and explore performance and participant flow for WIOA at the national, state, Workforce Development Board or Eligible Training Provider levels. With a broad user base that spans multiple levels of the workforce system, FutureWork Systems is excited about the possible contributions from a diverse user community to the application's ongoing design efforts to simplify WIOA performance data access to help drive program and policy decisions.

"When you have lots of data, there can be an overwhelming number of questions that can be posed and reports created to answer those questions. We're looking forward to working closely with our PM National user community to help us identify the information they need with single click access. We want to make the data as accessible as possible to as many people as possible across the workforce system so that they can spend time leveraging it to improve their programs," says Geoff Smith, Partner and VP at FutureWorks.

PM National is a standalone application service subscription, offering licenses in agency/institutional packages. PM National is an included module at no additional cost for all Performance Matters licensed users.

Learn more about PM National.