Adjustment Model Toolkit Released to State Clients

FutureWork systems in its ongoing effort to simplify performance data access across the Workforce Development system to help individuals and agencies use data to drive decisions has once again hit an important milestone. With the release of it's Adjustment Model Toolkit, the company's new added enhancement module to its Performance Matters application service makes working with the Statistical Adjustment Model easier for states, allowing them to leverage their most current WIOA data to present performance indicator targets based on the latest information.

The Statistical Adjustment Model or SAM, defined by USDOL, is required under WIOA and is used to determine WIOA performance indicator targets. The model uses data collected on WIOA participants and economic data to provide USDOL and states WIOA performance indicator targets or goals that are based in fact. Expected levels of performance are submitted to the USDOL Employment and Training Administration in a State Plan, targets are negotiated between the federal agency and each state, results are reported at the end of a program year and performance targets are adjusted, too. Since performance targets are adjusted at the end of a program year, states are aiming at a moving target. Tracking that moving target using data fed into the model at any time can help states avoid a guessing game.

"The Statistical Adjustment Model is a complicated added layer to the performance management landscape under WIOA. It can be tough for states to assemble all the data and continue to do so to track a moving target. The tools and support offered through our Adjustment Model Toolkit on the Performance Matters application service are designed to allow policy makers to understand what is driving each indicator, track trends during the program year and provide the earliest possible calculation of these adjustments," says Ken Ryan, Partner with FutureWork Systems.

FutureWork Systems is currently working on a version of the toolkit for Local Workforce Development Boards to assist them in tracking and identifying WIOA performance indicator targets. The company is scheduled to have this available as an added module in the Performance Matters BI application service in Fall/Winter of 2018.