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PM National (PMn) is a subscription based Web application service for the reporting and analysis of national WIOA performance data. PMn makes WIOA performance data easily accessible to anyone. PM National contains a default collection of preconfigured reports, or as we know them, Data Views, that tap the WIOA national PIRL data file. Data Views are dynamic, allowing you to configure them any way you want based on the data points available under the PIRL data file, thus creating any report you need to answer your performance questions. No query building. No IT headaches. No risk. Just simple click of the mouse data access to inform your WIOA program and policy decision-making.

PM National users have access to WIOA program data to answer an extraordinary range of performance questions. Here are some:

  • How does our actual performance in each WIOA indicator compare with other Workforce Development Boards, with other States or against the National average? Take a step further and slice this analysis by any participant characteristic or WIOA service.
  • What industries are our customers coming from and what industries are they being placed in? ...go earnings and retention results by industry.
  • What are our training completion rates and performance outcomes, including earnings, by ONET training code?
  • What job titles and industries are our training completers working in and are they jobs related to their training?
  • What does WIOA performance look like by Eligible Training Provider? See Eligible Training Provider data on completions rates, employment rates, credentials earned.

What other questions are possible? It's up to you!
Download our complete RoadMap of WIOA Performance Questions

Want to see how your Workforce Development Board compares to others in your state, region or all other workforce boards in the country? Would you like to quickly gain a deeper understanding of program outcomes by participant services and characteristics? Want to have immediate access to dynamic WIOA performance information using a simple website?

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Key Features

The power behind PM National is that you have a vast amount of WIOA data at your fingertips, over 11 million participant records to play with in a dynamic, Web-based application. PM National provides the necessary features to make working with this data intuitive.

  • Secured Web application
  • Dynamic, interactive reports/data views
  • Single click Excel exporting
  • Create a personal library of saved reports and flag your favorites
  • Share reports across the PM Natinoal user community - including tapping into those shared by others!
  • Drag and Drop Ad hoc report building, including custom charts and calculations using built in math and statistical formulas.
  • Customize report formats
  • Comprehensive Support Resources - training manuals, phone, email and web support, videos and interactive dictionaries.
  • Access to all data points provided in national WIOA data files

Available Data

What Data is loaded to PM National?

PM National is populated with USDOL Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) national data. Each quarter, states submit WIOA program data to USDOL. Once received, reviewed and documented, USDOL packages the data into a national data set and releases this it for public consumption. Each release contains 4 quarters worth of data, the most current quarter and the previous three; on average, included in the data is over 11 million WIOA program participants. PM National stores the full four quarter or annual block of data for reporting and analysis into its BI application framework. As of 8/31/2018, the public WIOA data file contains Title I and Title III participant data.

Data Update Frequency

PM National is updated within 4 business days of public release of new WIOA data.

Historical Data Available

PM National subscribers have access to national WIOA data from the most recent prior two program years at no additional cost.


Performance Indicators

You may conduct detailed analysis with the following indicators in PMQ.

Outcome Indicators

Avg Earnings Adult
Avg Earnings DW
Avg Earnings WP
Avg Wage 1st Qtr Post
Avg Wage 1st Qtr Pre
Avg Wage 2nd Qtr Post
Avg Wage 2nd Qtr Pre
Avg Wage 3rd Qtr Post
Avg Wage 3rd Qtr Pre
Avg Wage 4th Qtr Post
Credential Adult
Credential DW
Credential PostSecondary Adult
Credential PostSecondary DW
Credential PostSecondary Youth
Credential Secondary Adult
Credential Secondary DW
Credential Secondary Youth
Credential Youth
Earnings Change Adult
Earnings Change DW
Earnings Change WP
Earnings Change Youth
Employer Penetration Rate
Employer Repeat Business
Employer Retention Rate
Employment Q2 Adult

Employment Q2 DW
Employment Q2 WP
Employment Q2 Youth
Employment Q4 Adult
Employment Q4 DW
Employment Q4 WP
Employment Q4 Youth
Entered Employment Adult
Entered Employment DW
Entered Employment WP
Percent Coenrolled
Percent Training Related Employment
Skill Gains Adult
Skill Gains DW
Skill Gains Youth
Training Completion Rate
Wages 1st Qtr Post
Wages 1st Qtr pre
Wages 2nd Qtr Post
Wages 2nd Qtr pre
Wages 3rd Qtr Post
Wages 3rd Qtr pre
Wages 4th Qtr Post

Participant Flow Indicators

Carry Overs
Days in Staff Assisted Exiters
Days in Staff Assisted Ongoing
Days in Training1 Completed
Days in Training1 Ongoing
den Days in Staff Assisted Ongoing
den Days in Training
den Days in Training1 Ongoing
den Days Staff Assisted Exiters
Enrolled Rank
Exit Rank
Exited DOL
In Program
Served Rank

Performance Goals Included

PM National includes state level performance goals for WIOA performance indicators


Drill Down Analytics

Drill down monitoring, reporting and analysis by:

  • Nation, USDOL Region, State, Workforce Development Board, Eligible Training Provider (Top 500 across the nation)
  • All WIOA outcome indicators, including some carry-over WIA indicators, such as Average Earnings and Earnings Change metrics
  • Participant flow metrics (enrollments, served, exiters, carry-overs and in-program)
  • Participant characteristics
  • Participant services
  • Quarters, Program Year-to-Date


PM National includes dashboards. Dashboards provide a 50,000 foot view of performance down to the WDB level.

Available Dashboards:

  • WIOA Performance - see performance against negotiated goals (by state only).
  • WIOA Flow - enrollments, served and exit counts
  • WIOA Results -

Training & Support

PM National subscribers are provided 3, 1-hour Webinar training sessions. Subscribers have access to phone, email and Web support.

PM National includes comprehensive online support materials, including how-to-videos.

Pricing & Implementation

PM National is a subscription application service and is priced by agency/institutional license.
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Eligible Training Provider Analytics Now Available

Performance Matters is now mining vast amount of data from client WIOA PIRL data files to tap ETP info for in-depth analytics and reporting.

  • View ETP performance across your entire State or Workforce Development Board.
  • Slice ETP outcome data by participant characteristics or services.
  • Drill to see ETP outcomes by occupations trained and see who entered employment related to training.
  • Monitor participant flow by ETP and occupations trained...or isolate it by Case Manager.

The depth of ETP analytics in Performance Matters gives powerful insight never before seen. The performance questions that can be answered are nearly limitless.

See detailed ETP performance, explore rich sector and occupational data, and jump into predictive reporting analytics so you're never wondering about coming outcomes. We can use your own data in a demonstration of our Performance Matters BI application!

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How can Business Intelligence Improve your Performance?

It's simple...Business Intelligence (BI) applications give instant, intuitive access to program data across your agency to support a performance dialog and inform program and policy decisions supported by data. Our Performance Matters application services are fast, intuitive and strictly designed to help you go beyond mere reporting. We want your agency to have reporting and analytics capabilities that can empower staff to understand what's happening within WIOA programs, for whom, why, when and be given the necessary information to act upon that insight. It all amounts to a smarter agency, what we call Workforce Intelligence, thus giving your agency the ability to perform at its best and better meet the needs of the communities you serve.

But to really understand how BI can help Workforce Development initiatives, you must see it for yourself and take a moment to hear from experts who have implemented it across the workforce development system, across states and Workforce Development Boards.

Want to use your WIOA data to help drive decisions? Want to learn more? Let us know.

We offer test drives of Performance Matters using your own data. Demonstrations are available at your request

New WIOA Dashboards Now Available

Our WIOA dashboard site is updated and has two complimentary dashboards that examines WIOA performance indicator outcomes across the nation, as well as a detailed look at occupations trained by each state. WIOA dashboards tap USDOL publicly available national WIOA data. We load the data to our BI Data Center where our interactive dashboards bring the data to life for all to see. In addition, this same data is tapped for comprehensive reporting and analytics at the national, USDOL Region, State, Workforce Development Board and Eligible Training Provider levels using our robust, subscription-based PM National BI application service. Get instant, affordable access to national WIOA performance data to help data drive your WIOA program and policy decisions.

Visit the site and sign up to receive notification when dashboards are updated with new data!

PM National BI Application Service

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